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Awaken your power within

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Hillary Wendorf RN

QHHT Level 2 practitioner, Theta,

Light Language healing, 

Integrative Medicine specialist

and Soul Portrait Artist


Welcome to your transformation!

You know that feeling when things are flowing in your life and you feel in line with your purpose and your life is in balance? When your vibration is high enough you feel naturally connected to love and guidance from the divine realm and your answers just seem to appear? I believe it is our birthright to always have access to that universal energy and knowledge and I want to help everyone realize the spark of the divine within themselves. 


Through overcoming many personal trials I've learned that miracles can truly occur through tapping into the



I'm here to help you awaken your divine        power within    



QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a technique that that was started by Dolores Cannon over 45 years ago that has since helped thousands of people heal spontaneously and given them answers to the

deeper questions of the soul like "what's my purpose, am I on the right path or how can I be the best version of me?" QHHT puts you into the theta or

the somnambulist state, the same state you're in upon first waking up and just before you fall asleep. You're lovingly guided through events and past lives allowing you to experience some of the deepest levels of your being and you're encouraged to heal areas of unforgiveness and release things that no longer serve you. Your subconscious or your "higher self" is then asked to come forth to help answer your specific questions. This is the time where spontaneous healings of all kinds can take place and a beautiful, high vibrational energy of light and love can be felt.


             Please refer to the videos below and for more information


Dolores Cannon, the founder of QHHT

What to expect      with QHHT

Before The interview


Sit down in a quiet place and write down the questions you most want answers to in your life to bring to your session. Most people make a list about their lifes' path, relationships, health, job, and important decisions they're facing. There are no wrong questions and you can ask as many as you'd like. Amazing results will occur if you truly set the intention to connect with your higher self before your session with me.

Person Writing

The interview

I will explain this deeper part of you that is sometimes called the Higher self or Sub

self or Subconscious and how I'll guide you to make connection a with it. We'll talk about how easy it is to be guided into this deep state of relaxation and how you actually experience it everyday. We then spend about an hour discussing your past and the events that led you to where you are now. We'll also discuss any concerns about the process you have as well as go over your list of questions for your subconscious.

Support Groups

The hypnosis process 

Once we begin the process expect to be under for two hours or longer depending on how much information there is and questions to be answered. I will be guiding you through your past lives as an observer. You might feel the images are coming from your imagination but the more you observe and let go the more you'll experience. I will then ask to speak to your subconscious or higher self where I will ask the specific questions you've given me.  This part of the session will be recorded. I encourage you to take it home and fully absorb the lessons and healings your higher self brought forth. 

Field of Flowers

After the session

Some people will awake feeling that they were aware the whole time and could recall everything and others don't remember much but most people have no idea that two hours has gone by. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and as you listen to your recording later it will help affirm the healings or answers brought forth during the session. 

So looking forward to taking this journey towards healing and self discovery with you! 

Blue Couch and End Table

Please call or text to book an appointment

Hillary Wendorf

18 Deer Run Road

Greenville, Maine 04441 

Tel: (239)297-0341

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